Welcome to Dr. Addie's collection of books!!! Our newest addition is Understanding the Prophetic! You will not be disappointed with this training manual. You will be equipped with tools that will cause you to reflect, adjust and move in your God-given purpose. Also, don't forget Livin it Up, Wholly and Beyond Betrayal: Standing in the Midst of Adversity. Be blessed as you utilize the tools given to help you live a victorious life.

Livin it Up, Wholly

Brokenness is a human experience that has touched our lives in one way or another. In Livin it Up, Wholly Dr. Addie shares part of her journey on the road to wholeness giving the reader some tools to go from a life of brokenness and hurt to healing and wholeness. This book offers a deep, intuitive understanding of what it means to preserver and become victorious. It is designed to help the reader make the changes necessary so that they can say they are Livin it Up, Wholly!

ebook: $5.00

Beyond Betrayal: Standing in the Midst of Adversity


This book is a powerful representation of the love of the Father bringing victory after betrayal. It depicts how a personal relationship with the Father along with a determination to get beyond betrayal, is the key element to walking through adverse circumstances that the enemy meant for your destruction. What is significant is that even in the midst of the trial God is right there waiting for you to grab His hand to guide you to a place of healing and wholeness. Most of all, this book encourages you to stand in the midst of adversity and get beyond betrayal.

 Price: $10.00 hard copy & ebook: 3.99


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